We pass on all we know and can do

We educate both university and high school students and experienced professionals

  • We are responding to a critical shortage of cybersecurity experts. We are committed to preparing future experts to enhance the resilience of the digital society.

  • The transferred knowledge and skills reflect this. Our primary focus is on computer science, which we supplement with other disciplines. Our education is multidisciplinary.

  • We have experts from academia and industry teaching the subjects. A significant part of our education is practical.

  • We are building on our long-term experience from MUNI KYPO activities – cybersecurity education research, development of related technologies, and organization of cybersecurity exercises and trainings.

  • We use modern educational technology to facilitate learning — for example, the Cyber Polygon environment and the Open edX platform.

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University teaching

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  • The Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University offers students a Bachelor's and Master's degree focused on cybersecurity.  

  • In the bachelor's program, it is possible to study the professional program Cybersecurity, which experts from CERIT created.

More about the study

Professional Programme Cybersecurity

  • There is a strong emphasis on practice. The study includes a supervised internship, for example, at the National Office for Cyber and Information Security or other CERIT partners.

  • The study is multidisciplinary. In addition to the computer science core, there are courses focused on law, strategy, and management.

  • Graduates will find a career as:

    • systems and network administrator,

    • the operator of security monitoring centers,

    • CSIRT team member,

    • lower or middle management of cybersecurity,

    • software engineer for IT security applications and systems,

    • training officer,

    • assistant cybersecurity managers.

Continuing Master's Degree

  • The Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University offers several Master's programs focused on information and cybersecurity.

  • These programs suitably follow the bachelor's professional program and further develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills.



Experts from practice

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  • We are developing training for professionals to help them better understand current cybersecurity threats and how to mitigate their risks.

  • We benefit from our experience gained during the preparation of several rounds of the national Cyber Czech exercise, which we organised in cooperation with the National Office for Cyber and Information Security.

  • We also regularly organise other trainings and materials for professionals. We use the Cyber Polygon environment and consult our procedures with experts from CSIRT-MU.

Rising stars

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  • We find a lot of sense in popularizing cybersecurity among high school students. We engage, support and organize educational activities with this goal.  

  • This also makes it easier to identify future cybersecurity talents and support their further development.


Our activities for high schools

Kybersoutěž (Cybersecurity Competition) and Summer School of Cybersecurity at MUNI

  • Kybersoutěž is a competition for high school students in cybersecurity knowledge and skills. Masaryk University has been supporting this competition for a long time. So far, it has participated in all years.

  • CERIT experts regularly participate in the organization of the Summer School, which serves as a training camp and reward for the finalists of Kybersoutěž.

  • The objective is to give them an insight into cybersecurity in practice, which is also reflected in the prepared program.

Teaching cybersecurity in high schools

Competitions in Informatics

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