The essence of our approach

  • At CERIT we want to create opportunities for networking and collaboration between experts from different disciplines, sectors and countries.

  • This will enable us to better meet the complex challenges of building a resilient digital society. What they have in common is that they cannot be effectively addressed from the perspective of a single industry or organisation.

  • National cybersecurity can be an example. This is not a challenge that can be effectively handled only technically. Instead, lawyers, strategists, managers and economists must work on it along with IT specialists.

  • The perspectives of these experts also vary depending on whether they are from a private company, the public sector or if they are researchers. And the country they come from also has a major impact.

Three levels of cooperation at CERIT

Cross-discipline cooperation

  • At CERIT, we combine computer science, law, security studies, economics, and management.

  • Thus, we benefit from the diversity of approaches and methods.

  • This type of cooperation is well represented by the Czech Cyber Crime Centre of Excellence (C4e) project.

  • It brings together expert academic departments for basic research in cybersecurity. Specifically, C4e brings together experts in cybersecurity, critical information infrastructure protection, and law.

Scientific institutions, government and private sector

  • Cross-sector collaboration is a concept that has been tested in many projects and is an essential part of cybersecurity and digital technology strategies.

  • At CERIT, we ensure that collaboration makes sense for all organizations involved in their goals and needs.

  • A good example is our project of the National Centre of Competence for Cybersecurity. It brings together research institutes, industry, and the public sector to transfer the results of cybersecurity research into practice.


Foreign partnerships

  • Many of the digital age challenges are familiar to most of the world's countries. It makes sense that solutions to these challenges should also be shared. Reliable international partnerships are essential for building a resilient digital society.

  • CERIT members are actively involved in two large European competence networks, CONCORDIA and Cybersec4Europe, which aim to combine competencies in cybersecurity.

  • We also work with key European institutions through expert consultations. A concrete example is the involvement of our experts in an international expert group dealing with certification in cybersecurity.

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