Strategic partnerships and specialized services

Strategic partnerships

  • The challenges we address cannot be effectively tackled solely from the perspective of a single field or the position of a single organization.

  • Take, for example, the cybersecurity of a nation. It’s not a challenge that can be efficiently managed purely through technical means. On the contrary, alongside IT specialists, it requires the involvement of legal experts, strategic analysts, managers and economists.

  • We actively focus on:

        • Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: At CERIT, we interconnect computer science, law, security studies, economics, and management. This allows us to benefit from diverse approaches and methods that each field brings. This is exemplified, for instance, within the scope of the C4e Research.

        • Sectoral Collaboration: A model tested across numerous projects, it forms a vital part of strategies in the realm of digital technologies and their security. We strive for meaningful relationships between researchers, the government, and the private sector.

        • International Partnerships: Reliable international partnerships are essential for constructing a resilient digital society. We belong to international communities of experts and collaborate with key European institutions for specialized consultations. A concrete example is our experts' involvement in an international expert group focused on cybersecurity certification issues.

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Specialized services

Secure Digital Transformation

  • Cybersecurity is essential for every organization, yet not all can navigate this domain effectively. CyberSecurityHubcz services are here to assist with that.

  • We aim to support the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises and public administration.

  • Specifically, our services fall into four categories:

    • Test before Invest - Providing or facilitating access to digital transformation technologies and services for the development and testing of products or services before their final production or implementation.

    • Education and Skill Development for Clients. 

    • Contributing to the development of the ​regional innovation ecosystem, and also networking with key stakeholders. 

    • Assisting clients in seeking investments and offering advisory services to foster business growth. 

Professional Education and Training

  • We are developing education for professionals that enables them to gain a better understanding of current cybersecurity threats and practices for mitigating their risks.

    • We offer training and materials tailored for experts. In this endeavor, we leverage the KYPO Cyber Range Platform and consult our practices with experts from CSIRT-MU

    • We create customized cybersecurity exercises. In the past, we've executed exercises for employees within several prominent energy companies. 

  • Drawing from our experience in organizing multiple rounds of the national exercise Cyber Czech, in collaboration with the National Cyber and Information Security Agency, we have gained valuable insights. 

Services of CERIT Science Park I 


  • We operate a scientific and technical park that provides support for both budding enterprises and established companies in the field of ICT. CSP I serves as a hub for collaboration among researchers, students of the Faculty of Informatics at MU, and IT firms.

  • CSP I offers a range of services, including: 

    • Provision of infrastructure and technical services. 

    • Educational activities, consultations, and networking events. 

    • Technology transfer services. 

    • Facilitating collaboration with researchers and students at the Faculty of Informatics MU. 

    • Collaboration with other IT companies within CSP I and researchers at CERIT. 

    • Joint project solutions. 


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